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As an international trading company, FIC exports and imports to and from many different countries worldwide. 


The main countries where export and import trading is most active are:

- South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, & Nepal)

- Asia Pacific & Oceania (Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, The Philippines, Taiwan, & Vietnam)

- Europe (Italy & Spain)

- North Africa & The Mediterranean (Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, & Turkey)

- Middle East (UAE)

- Central & South America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, & Peru)


FIC has an extensive correspondent relationship with MM Agrichem Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India with a local network of offices and agents and active participation in the following areas of business:

-Marketing and Liason of Industrial Chemicals, Agrochemicals, & Pharmaceutical Intermediaries

-Import of bulk agricultural products from North America, Australia, & South America

-Exports of Agriproducts and Chemicals to Asia, Europe, the Pacific Rim, & North America

-Warehousing & Export Handling


In the agricultural sector, FIC has relationships with several major processors, grain elevators, and trading companies throughout the United States and Canada for the origination of bulk and bagged agricultural commodities.


FIC also has a well developed transportation infrastructure that consists of an ability to custom drum bulk industrial chemicals, warehouse and load ocean containers, and arrange for intermodal transport via rail or truck as required. 

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