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Please note that images shown are for reference purposes only, as actual lots may vary based on harvest year & origin. Our products undergo official lot inspections based off of the strict USDA & international grading standards agreed to at time of purchase. For more information on the quality and grading practices pertaining to USA origin agricultural commodities please reference the following link.

Whole/Split Green & Yellow Peas
Whole Green Peas
Whole Yellow Peas
Whole/Split Red Lentils
(Redberry, Maxim, & Crimson Variety)
Red Lentils
Great Northern Beans   Red Kidney Beans
Great Northern Beans
Red Kidney Beans
Cranberry Beans         Navy Beans
Cranberry Beans
Navy Beans
Whole/Split Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
8mm-10mm USA Origin / 11mm-12mm Mexico Origin
USA Chickpeas
12mm Chickpeas
Blackeye Beans             Pinto Beans
Blackeye Beans
Pinto Beans
           Whole/Split Green Lentils
     Richleas                             Lairds
Green Richlea Lentils
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